At (“SAMURAI”), we take your privacy seriously. We are committed to complying with all data protection laws as are applicable to us and no violation of rules is allowed by either the website owners and employees (“SAMURAI”) or the website user, member, or visitor (“USER”). This website (referred to as Site) is owned and operated by SAMURAI. This privacy policy is set down to protect the User’s privacy and personal information and help them understand their rights while visiting and using this Site. By using this Site, the User agrees to its policy.

Information Collection and Protection
SAMURAI regards the User’s privacy concern as its utmost priority. All information shared on its Site is confidential unless stated otherwise. Necessary steps and precautions are taken to protect the privacy of the User throughout their browsing or visiting experience. While this website does ask for the User’s details, it does not disclose any of them to outside parties. User’s information is made known to SAMURAI for marketing and advertising purposes only. SAMURAI may send updates regarding its Site through email.

The details the Site might collect depends on what action the User is taking. User might be asked to provide the Site with personal information such as:
Contact information (e.g. User’s first and last name, email address, location, and phone number)
Vehicle information (e.g. the model of the User’s vehicle)

This information is required in order for SAMURAI to better the User’s experience of browsing and visiting its website. SAMURAI can identify the User using this information. By having the User’s details, the Site can attend to them better by directing them to the Site’s content which may be of interest to User. SAMURAI may recommend the User products or content based on their preferences and respond to their inquiries or comments. SAMURAI would conduct analytics to study who is using the Site and what are they doing.

This Site will not obtain any of the User’s personal information unless User gives it to the Site voluntarily. The User automatically has the right to access their information documented and stored by SAMURAI. SAMURAI will be able to provide the User with their personal information upon request which can be made through email. Additionally, the User’s data will be deleted upon request and will not be kept in SAMURAI’s system anymore.

The User provides the Site and SAMURAI with their data when they contact SAMURAI in any way (email, phone, or mail), subscribe for newsletter, download Site’s catalogue and content, respond to its surveys, submit a feedback, inquiry, or comment, purchase SAMURAI products, and request a quote, warranty, or any other service. SAMURAI will be able to use this information upon receiving the User’s permission.

Use of Cookies
In striving to serve and attend to its User’s needs, cookies are used on this Site. A cookie by definition is a piece of text that the Site stores on the User’s hard disk. The cookie contains the information collected by the Site from User to be used for the same User the next time they visit the website. Used here means that the information User left from when they last visited this Site is remembered by it. The next time the User drops by, the information will be recalled upon their preferences. This is mainly helpful to lead the User directly to either where they left the website or to a new content that they might find interesting based on what they have previously.

Third Party Disclosure
Both the User’s non-identifiable personal information and personally identifiable personal information (such as e-mail address) may possibly be disclosed to other parties for marketing or advertising purposes, but apart from that, their information is a confidential matter to SAMURAI and the Site.

Opt-In and Opt-out
In hopes to assist the User to be more updated with the Site’s content, the Site will provide User with an option to opt-in to receive weekly/monthly newsletter from SAMURAI. By doing so, the User will receive updates in the form of emails as a reminder for SAMURAI’s latest updates on its articles and products.

SAMURAI treasures its experience at this Site, so the User has complete freedom to opt out from any subscription. At the bottom of every newsletter email, User will find the link/button to unsubscribe which they may use at any time.

Do Not Track: If the User wants to opt out being tracked, they may use the Do Not Track feature. SAMURAI will not be able to use the User’s data for any marketing or advertising purposes in the future which means they will not see or receive any ads or products/services recommendations specifically intended for them.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this website’s privacy policy, do reach our team for more information by writing to us at